Details About Chocolate Walnut Butter And Its Benefits

Chocolate walnut butter will make your snack delicious and enjoyable. It is liked and enjoyed by people of all age group, but is especially a favorite among the children and is a perfect lunch snack, that you can pack for them. The best part about this butter is that your kids will never get bored with it, and they would love to consume it at anytime of the day.

It is easy and fast to make and you will not get tired in the process of preparing the butter. This butter will also provide you with new ideas of different kinds of snacks, which will be enjoyed by every member of your family.

Some people do not know that chocolate walnut butter is beneficial for health. This fact may surprise many, but it is true.

??? It contain proteins??? It has energy??? It contains good fats, which is healthy for your body??? It has antioxidants??? fiber

These nutrients are good for your body and keep you active throughout the day. It is also beneficial, as a snack and can be consumed before or after gym. It can be given to children after a long and hard day of workout and school.

It is good for your heart and cholesterol, fulfilling the daily requirements of your body.Simple method in which walnut butter can be made at home

You can easily make it at home, within few minutes and give your family the richness of chocolate along with good health.

Ingredients required are:??? Walnut (1/2 cup)??? Cocoa powder raw (1 teaspoon)??? Maple syrup or Honey (2 teaspoon)Preparation of the butter??? In a food processor, grind the walnuts, till a smooth and rich consistency is obtained.??? To this rich and smooth constituent add cocoa powder and one spoon of maple syrup or honey, and blend them together, for 5-7minutes.??? Take it out in a bowl, and serve it fresh.??? The left over chocolate walnut butter can be refrigerated for later use.

The left over walnut butter that is stored in the refrigerator can be made into balls and coated with dry cocoa or cinnamon. This is an extremely popular snack among children and next time you celebrate the birthday party of your child, try making them and it will surely be a big hit among the little guests as well as adults.

Foodstuff that can consumed along with Chocolate Walnut Butter

There are certain food items, which are more delicious when consumed with walnut butter and will be enjoyed by children and also by adults. They can be enjoyed along with:

??? Slices of fruits??? Celery??? On bread??? With milkshake and cookies

Chocolate walnut butter will help you in satisfying your craving for chocolates, and you will be able to enjoy without feeling guilty about the intake chocolate in your diet, as this is healthy for your body and keeps you fit and full of energy. You’ll experience much active life with a change in diet and feel the difference in matter of no time.