Top 10 Retro Lollies

There are many types of lollies available in the shops today. Gummy lollies, sour lollies, chocolate lollies and novelty lollies to categorise just a few. But perhaps the most popular lollies are the ones that have lasted the test and taste of time. And by that of course I mean Retro Lollies.

Retro Lollies are those lollies your Mum and Dad always harp on about. They are the lollies that cause everyone you know over the age of fifty to wax lyrical for hours upon end about the ‘Good Old Days’ when a couple of dollars would buy a massive bag from the local lolly shop that would last them all week. They are the lollies that have you salivating at their very thought. They are the lollies that shave 40 years off your age. (Well at least for a moment or two).

If you know the kind of lollies I am talking about take a trip down Memory Lane with our list of Top 10 Retro Lollies.

10. Cobbers

If you know anyone with bad teeth problems over the age of 40 then chances are they ate a lot of Cobbers when they were younger. Not to be confused with the organisation of the same name (Citizens Opposed to Bureaucratic Bullying and Excessive Regulation), Cobbers are hard squares of chewy caramel covered in smooth milk chocolate. Manufactured by Allen’s this long lasting confection requires a lot of chomping but is full of flavour.

9. Milko Chews

Almost as famous for its great taste as it was for the practice of trying to tear the longest continuous strip off its wrapper, Milko Chews are a soft, iconic and mouth wateringly milky flavoured lolly that possesses extremely addictive qualities. You can’t just eat one. Revealing a sweet and fresh taste Milk Chews is also manufactured by Allen’s and remains one of their most popular and best selling products.

8. Milk Bottles

Another popular milk flavoured lolly, Milk Bottles are slightly soft and slightly chewy. Shaped like an actual milk bottle there are many versions currently available, although the much loved original, which is the larger of the two most popular brands, is manufactured by Cadbury Fresha and has a distinctly milkier taste.

7. Sherbies

Cherished almost as much for its eye-catching bright orange and blue waxy wrapper, Allen’s Sherbies are a sherbet flavoured, orange coloured, chewy toffee confection that contains a fizzy punch. Suitable for those with gluten and nut intolerances as well as vegetarians and vegans Allen’s Sherbies are the kind of sweetie that turns your mouth into Niagara Falls. An ideal lolly to take with you on long journeys.

6. Freckles

Arguably the most recognisable lolly on the market today, Allen’s Chocolates Freckles are those delicious iconic discs of milk chocolate that are covered in hundreds and thousands. A perennial children’s party favourite, this ridiculously morish lolly has recently been enhanced by virtue of it now being free of artificial colours.

5. Jelly Beans

Before Jelly Bellys came to prominance, normal Jelly Beans were all the rage. Believed to have been in existance in America since the early 1860s and especially popular in the 1930a when they were widely distributed there as Easter gifts, they have enjoyed widespread popularity in Australia for its alluring colours and mouth watering properties.

4. Teeth

There probably isn’t a person anywhere in Australia who hasn’t at one point or another placed a teeth lolly under their bottom lip and pulled a funny face at their mates, which is why this mildly peppermint flavoured lolly has enjoyed such popularity over the years.

3. Licorice Allsorts

Most famously made in the UK by Bassett’s, the Australian version of Licorice Allsorts is a large square confection that consists of brightly coloured layers of fondant interspersed between slabs of licorice. Distinctive in its appearance, Licorice Allsorts are one of those lollies which people eat in very specific ways that is unique to them.

2. Conversation Hearts

A lolly that has really stood the test of time, not least because it has become a popular choice of Wedding Bomboniere, Conversation Hearts are cute heart shaped, pastel covered candies that are engraved with sweet nothings. Consisting of a range of pastal colours including pink, orange, sky blue, yellow, green mauve and white, Conversation Hearts have a rather rustic and chalky appearance as well as a slightly powdery taste. Traditionally the messages imprinted on them used to be a selection of romantic messages like ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Kiss Me’. Nowadays however they have been updated to reflect 21st century technology to the point where they now also say ‘Email Me’.

Allen’s Jaffas are undoubtedly Australia’s most popular retro lolly. Launched in 1931 by James Stedman-Henderson’s Sweets Ltd its iconic orange coating was developed by a food chemist called Tom Colston Coggan who experimented with a wide array of syrups before settling on its now famous flavour. Enjoying a cherished place in Australian folklore, Allen’s Jaffas are inextricably linked in the minds of many people with the cinema on account of the noise they made in as they rolled down the sloping wooden floors after being unwittingly ‘dropped’ or ‘thrown’.