Indulge Your Sense of Taste With Sweets From Lemondo

At Lemondo ApS, companies and individuals the opportunity to book and buy extremely interesting and exciting corporate gifts. The website found a very wide range of different gift ideas that include can be used for your employees, sales promotions, which reward employees or appreciation of its partners. It offers a lot of categories within gift ideas in the form of handicrafts, delicacies, drinks, ethical gifts, gift baskets, gifts, fashion, events, Easter, textiles, outside and wellness. For further information, ordering of corporate gifts etc. please contact Lemondo per. mail info[a].

Lemondo ApS offers including many different kinds of sweets, for several different kinds of flavors, colors, packaging, etc. The range is such everything from Christmas tree, blue owl, ??blerox, bicmarck, breast, mint, strawberry, Easter, birthday, summer, christmas, apple, ice, bananrox, fairground, raspberry -, wedding, gooseberries, nougat, nut, licorice pillow, and Fanoe candies and strawberry dreams lady oblique, scout hail, King Olav and King of Denmark. This kind of candy is also filled with sugar free as well as lollipops. It is possible to book and buy different size batches, depending on their needs.

Sweets can be with or without packaging or creative business paper and with or without business card. Packaging can be in the form of glass in a box design or logor??r, in a pointed bag in a wooden tray, in a box in a basket etc. There is everything for every taste, for their own wishes and needs. Additionally offered are also logo sweets, which are the perfect promotional idea to offer its existing customers and new customers coming. The idea is a form of sensory marketing, where you using this type of candy, awakens taste of customers.
This kind of gift can also be used in many other contexts, such as corporate gifts to employees in the form of rewards, birthdays, Christmas, Easter / Pentecost surprises or the end of a short year in the company.

With time there are new and different marketing methods, competition has increased due to the wide range of different companies that possess substitute products offered to the same segment groups. Therefore it is important as a company that could stand out on other grounds, such as the company’s marketing technique. Among the companies it has become a trend to promote themselves through marketing, which affects the senses. Humans have five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. At trade shows, whether it’s fashion, travel or lifestyle fairs, etc., using all firms in the sense of sight in the form of the established order and sense of touch through brochures, flyers, etc.

But far more companies are starting to take more new initiatives in the form of sensory contact, by making use of methods which also affect the remaining senses. At the instance. lifestyle fairs, depending on business concept, you can turn on Room Scenters booth to attract customers’ sense of smell, music to awaken the sense of hearing or offer tastings, water, chocolate or sweets with the company logo. Here Lemondo makes it possible to help you and your business by offering the right gift ideas for sales promotions, depending on your needs and desires about marketing. Choose your favorite flavor experience to represent your company.